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Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Project For the Week

I must tell you this has been a very long week in my family.  I wish I could say we have been having lots of fun but I cannot.This has been the week of medical issues.  It started Sunday with my cousin's little boy breaking his arm.  Of course I found this out while sitting in the emergency room with my husband who had injured his right ankle while working a house fire.  We also found out that day that our nephew in California had been diagnosed as having a brain tumor.  He had surgery to remove it on Tuesday.  Also on Tuesday our uncle went into the hospital for the second time with a staff infection.  To top that off, our daughter came home from work Tuesday night sick with the flu.  What a week it has been and its only Thursday.

You might wonder what all this has to do with my blog.  Well I did pretty well at making my cards for the first half of the week mainly because I started them on the weekend.  I had a project of baby shower cards to work on and thought I could easily finish them be Wednesday leaving me enough time to make another card to share with you.  That did not happen.  So instead I will show you my project as it is on Wednesday night.

Can you guess what I am working on?  If you guessed baby shower invitations you would be right.  My friends and I are going to put together a very special shower for a very special friend.  So here you can see all the little pieces waiting to be put together.

Here are the cards for the carriages and butterflies.  I hope you can see from the picture the pretty shimmer on them.  I spritzed then with my shimmer paint/alcohol mixture.  Pretty pretty!

I used the beautiful butterflies embosslit to make all of these.  I will not be using all of them on my cards but I will save some to use in the future so none go to waste.

Here you can see the fun pattern on the carriages.  I added the little pearls and ribbon to decorate them.  I truly enjoy making these.  They are simple and fun.  Now I will show you the finished product.

This one should look familiar to you.  I blogged about it a few weeks ago.  That blog included all the details on how to make this one.  Therefore, I will not bore you with the details now.  

I hope you can forgive the shortness of the blog.  I am truly exhausted.  Along with all the prayers I have made this week, I have also run family to the doctor appointments and run around the house caring for my husband and daughter.  I will try my best to have a new share for you tomorrow.  Please come back and see if I can come up with something.  Thanks for dropping in today!

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