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Monday, May 14, 2012

My Mother's Day

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you all had a nice Mother's Day.  I had a terrific weekend.  My youngest had to work on Mother's Day so I spent Saturday with her.  We had a lot of fun.  She bought a curly fry maker a few weeks ago and had never tried to use it so we decided we would try and see what would happen.  Well, not only did it cut the potatoes into cute curls, the fries were delicious.  We ordered pizza and spent a fun evening watching some of our favorite shows together.

On Sunday, my oldest daughter came over and spent some time with me.  It was so fun to visit with her.  She is a busy bee and I don't get to see her enough.  My husband smoked a beef brisket for my dinner.  Now I will admit I did help cook.  I made a potato salad and cheesy garlic bread.  The entire meal was yummy and the company was even better.

Now with all of that going on, I did not take time to craft.  I was having too much fun and did not want to stop.  So needless to say, I do not have a card to share with you.  Even more surprising is the fact that some of my new catalog preorder was delivered by the UPS man last Thursday and I have not even had time to open the boxes!!  I have a lot of catching up to do this week.  However, I will share with you what I received this weekend.

I have always been a huge Disney film fan.  I try not to miss any of the new animated films that come out.  I absolute favorite film is Beauty and the Beast.  My girls have been wonderful about getting me items over the years that are from the movie.  Well, last year I saw the movie Tangled, you know the story of Rapunzel.  Well I told my girls that this movie was so good it is my 2nd favorite film.  It just captivated me.  I loved the characters and the storyline.  So for my Mother's Day gift this year, here is what I received:

Here is my handmade card drawn by my youngest.

I received 2 dolls to add to my Barbie collection too.  All in all I could not have asked for a better Mother's Day weekend.  Now I will get back to work and get my creative ideas flowing.  I will return tomorrow with a project to share with you.  Thanks for stopping by today.  

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