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Friday, August 26, 2011

Woo Hoo It's Friday!!

My week started off having to go to the doctor - not fun.  But it ended with a terrific class last night and that is a wonderful way to end.  We had a lot of fun and did enjoy seeing everyone who was able to come.  Some of the ladies I had not seen in a while and boy was it good to see them.  Now I must plan another class so that I can see you all again.

As promised I wanted to share with you the animals we made at our class.  We only did 4 because the class was only 2 hours long and I wanted them to not feel rushed trying to finish. 

Here they are.  I made a sample animal for them to see and then created a half sheet of card stock that describe each piece, the punch used to create it, and  anything else they would need to know.  For the class, I had pre-punched the pieces but made the punches available for the class to see and try if they wanted to do so.  I gave each attendee enough pieces to make 2 of each animal.  That way they could do as I did and make one sample and the how to make it instructions (they were free to copy mine word for word), or they could make 2 complete animals.  For those who finished early, they were offered the opportunity to try the punches and could make more of these animals or just see which punches they enjoyed using and might want to purchase.  Now let's look at each individual animal so you can really see how cute they are.

 Here is that adorable elephant!!

This little kitty has been a favorite and is used a lot.

 My duck is one of my daughter's favorite punch animals.

I love this poodle!  So cute and easy to make.

We have reached the weekend again.  I think I will spend it creating some more punch sets to put in my store and getting a little rest too.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend too and that you will come back to visit on Monday.  Thanks for all your comments and the time you spend visiting.  I will be back Monday.  Thanks for dropping in today!!

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