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Monday, July 25, 2011

My Weekend Project

A couple of weeks ago, I had a wonderful lunch with my 2nd mom, Linda, and my adorable husband, Dave.  While on our way home, Dave an his mom began discussing other ways I could expand my business.  As you know, I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, but I also have my own small business called Sharyn's Stamp Biz that I run where I make handmade cards and custom invitations to sell.   Now I am just beginning this business so I am always looking for ways to expand.  They came up with a great idea.  They suggested that I sell components to make cards such as punch art creations that people could purchase and build their own cards around it.  So I got a slow start on it this weekend.  I thought I would share some of what I did.

These are a few of the punch art creations I wanted to start with.  I can tell you that little cat in the picture is a big hit with a lot of my customers.  I will go through these a couple at a time. 

I made a bunny similar to the girl in this picture for an Easter card.  She is just too cute and I think she would be great even on a birthday card.  I wanted to be fair and make a few boys too.  These are pre-glitter (you didn't really think I would go without glitter did you?).  The girls get little bows in their ears while the boys have bow ties.  Too cute!!

I have to be honest, the wreath is upside down in this shot.  The bow goes on the bottom.  I will be posting a card later this week that uses this wreath.  I learned to make it last year from Dawn Griffith.  I made Christmas Cards using it.  The other day I happen to see one of the cards that was left over and thought I could use the design for other occasions.  So this one is for Halloween.  The dress is something new for me.  I happened upon a video by Bonnie Mountford.  I thought these were so cute and wanted to make one right away.  I took dance when I was young and this actually reminds me of a costume I wore for a performance.  I could see using this on a scrapbook page or on a card for a little girl or even a big one.  I plan on making more in other colors.

Last but not least, here are my final critters I worked on.  The cat you have seen before since I have used it on cards already.  The elephant is the one I used on the get well card I made for my aunt.  The puppy is new.  Another inspiration from Ellen Kemper.  I could not help but smile when I saw him.  I do plan on making him in black since my little dog, Sadie, is black.  
I also made a cute little penguin this weekend.  While it is not in the photographs, I promise you will see him this week on a card.  I worked on some other items too but did not want to overwhelm you with them.  I will share more as I get them done.  All those coming to my crop this weekend will be able to see these in person and may purchase them or place an order for them.  I can hardly wait to see everyone.

Well I have bored you long enough.  I best get back to work.  Thanks for stopping in today.  Please come back tomorrow. 

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