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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Surprise Card

Happy Monday everyone and a great BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my niece, Pamela.  I hope your day is absolutely fantastic.  I send you happy wishes and lots of love!!  Hug those kids of yours for me.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I only had a few things to do so I was able to slow down and enjoy the weekend.  Now you may be wondering why I chose the title "The Surprise Card" for this blog.  Well it will become apparent once you see the card.  This was my father-in-law's birthday card.  I want to start by thanking Ellen Kemper once again for being the punch queen.  I learned the punch art featured in the card at her blog.  I encourage you to visit it sometime.  Now on to the card!!

For the front, I used my Cricut to cut out the Happy Birthday and the shadow for it.  I layered them and then added some glitter glue to enhance the look.  The party hat and the party favor are dies I have for my big shot.  I bought them years ago at a local craft store.  I added glitter glue to them too for decoration.  I wanted to make the front of the card a pretty generic birthday card so that when he opened it he would be surprised.  So here we go inside the card!!  

Ta Da!!!  Were you surprised the find the 7 dwarfs looking at you?  They are the punch art I learned from Ellen Kemper.  The letters for the "From All Of Us!" were cut out with my Cricut.  I felt no need to put anything else further inside especially since the dwarfs take up a lot of space.  Let me explain how I chose these little guys for this card.  My in-laws live in California not too far from the Magic Kingdom.  They are big Disney fans.  For years,  they have gone to Disneyland  one or more times.  I do envy them that.  By husband's youngest sister even worked at the part as Pinocchio when she was younger!!  Any way, I wanted to do something Disney for him and happened to remember these guys.  Let's look a little closer at them.

On the bottom flap of the inside, we find Dopey and Doc.  I think the hardest part of these two was Doc's glasses.  I really had to be mindful of the placement so they would look right.  Dopey was the easiest of the characters to make.  

Here is the rest of the gang:  Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Grumpy and Happy.  Notice Sneezy has a very red nose to distinguish him.  Grumpy has those great eyebrows and Sleepy's eyes are closed.  For Bashful, we find him looking upward with those bashful eyes.  The eyelashes are his distinguishing feature.  Then there is happy.  He too is looking up.  Though it is hidden by his nose in the picture, he also has the biggest smile of them all.  

I do not know if I can top this card this week.  I really like this one and hope you like it too.  I will be back tomorrow though.  I hope you come back too.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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