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Monday, April 25, 2011

Stain Glass Butterfly

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter with lots of fun.  I always get a kick out of coloring eggs with the kids and having close family and friends over to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  This year was a little more difficult for me and having my husband and 2 beautiful daughters, as well as their boyfriends, my sister, and my husband's aunt and uncle around really helped me to find peace and joy in the holiday.  I truly wish all of our family could have been together.  I always miss those who cannot attend as well as those who have passed on.  Well, let's get to what you probably stopped by for today.

As I promised, I will be sharing a few more stain glass cards with you all this week.  I took time to take 2 of my pieces and put them onto cards.  The first one I thought I would share with you today is a butterfly.

I really love this stamp.  I wanted to be sure the butterfly would stand out so I chose vivid colors for it to help.  The border has to be one of my favorites too.  I love the gold and chocolate brown alternating around the border.  As you can see I used a corner punch to attach this one to my card.  I so have glue dots on positioned on the darker colors to help adhere it, but mostly the corner punch will hold it on.  I shaded the outside of the white layer with melon mambo ink which is also the color of the base card.

Here is a little closer picture of the butterfly and flower.  I do apologize for the slightly blurry appearance of the picture.  I am not a professional photographer so I am trying to learn how to light the area and get the best shot.  I also had to remember to turn the flash off.  I usually have mine on auto but if the flash goes off when photographing these, the glare of the glitter causes a white spot where the flash reflects.  Who knew?  Oh well, I hope to get much better over time.  
Let me know what you think.  Also if there is a technique you would like me to share, drop me a note.  Thanks for taking time to look today.  See you tomorrow.

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