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Friday, April 29, 2011

New Punches

Yesterday I shared a card that had these cute blossoms on it.  I told you I would share the new punch from the Summer Mini that I used to create it.  It is called the Blossom Bouquet Triple Layer Punch.  There is also another one called the Doily Triple Layer Punch.  Here they are:

What makes these special is that each one will do three different punches.

The sliding button on the back makes this possible.  To store the punch in the closed position, the button needs to be all the way to the right as shown above.  Once the punch is open, you can move the button to any of the 3 positions to achieve whichever punch you need.  Let's start with the Blossom Bouquet.

In the far left position, you get a solid blossom when it punches.  Once you move it to the center, you can punch another piece of paper and get the outer ring of the blossom.  Although I forgot to include it in the picture, you will also get the center flower which is solid.  It is the same size as the final punch, just solid.  When punching the ring, you will hear the punch punch twice.  The final punch gives you the small flower with the teardrop shapes out of it.  You will also get the outer ring (again I forgot to include it).  The punch will punch three times as you press it down.  I love this because I can save the extra solid flower and ring to use on another project.  You can even save the teardrops.  I will share a card soon that uses them.  Now for the Doily.

Again to store the punch, the button needs to be all the way to the right.  Once open, you can slide it to the left to get a solid doily.  The middle position will give you the same doily but with the outer portion of it punched with a design.  Again, it will punch twice as you press on it to achieve this.  The far right position gives you the same size doily but this time the design is on the outer and inner parts of it.  It also reminds me of a snowflake.  Just as the blossom, it will punch three times as you press down.  
While these do cost more than other punches offered by Stampin' Up! (they are $23.95 each), it is like getting 3 punches in one.  I absolutely love these.  When I first saw them in the Summer Mini, I was unsure as to whether or not I would like them.  I went ahead and ordered them anyway so that I could share them with my customers.  Boy am I glad I did.  They are wonderful!

Well, no card for today.  I wanted to be share these with you so you could see all they will do.  I wish you all a great weekend, and I will be back Monday.  Thanks for stopping in today.

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