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Monday, April 18, 2011

Can A Card Ever Sparkle Too Much?

A few years back, I was in a craft store looking at all the samples they had.  I happen to come across a card that was the most beautiful technique I had ever seen.  It was very sparkly with all the glitter used on it.  I knew immediately I had to find out what the technique was called and how to do it.  Well as luck would have it, the store owner was very nice and offered to tell me all about it.  The technique is called Stained Glass.  Here is a sample:

It quickly became one of my favorite techniques to use.  This is one I made a while ago but kept as a sample for myself.  You see while the owner was kind enough to share with me, she had no written instructions.  So basically, I listened, bought a cool stamp to try it out, and came home ready to attack.  It took several trial and errors but I finally got the hang of it.  Let me show you a close up of the "glass".

Now you can do this technique on card stock but I prefer to use acetate.  You begin by stamping your image onto the acetate using a permanent, fast drying ink.  I use StazOn.  I do allow it time to sit before I begin working on it just to make sure it is completely dry.  Then let the fun begin!  Using a 2 way glue pen or any clear drying glue you have, apply glue to an area.  Do not apply to the whole image, just the area you are ready to glitter.  For example, the background panes I knew I wanted in dazzling diamond glitter.  So I began by putting glue onto the pane areas.  Since they were all going to be in the same glitter I could do them all at one time.  Once the glue is on, sprinkle your glitter over the area.  Shake off the excess.  I usually allow each area a few minutes to set and begin to dry before moving onto the next color of glitter.  I also begin with the lightest color and work towards the darkest.  You will need to allow this to dry completely once you finish before you can attach it to your card.  Trust me, you will love the outcome of this one.  I am currently working on some more of these beautiful cards so expect to see some other examples soon.  Thanks for dropping in today.

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