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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Graduation Season is at Hand

Last year was a big year for our family as our youngest daughter, Kaitlyn, graduated from high school.  We also celebrated the graduation of our adopted daughter (our oldest daughter's best friend), Marissa from NAU in December.  Now I went traditional for Kaitlyn and ordered her announcements through the appointed company from the high school.  However, when Marissa came to me on Thanksgiving and said she wanted me to make her announcements, well I just could not pass up that opportunity.  I wanted to be able to take part in her celebration.  After all finishing college is quite an achievement.  I made them simple and elegant to fit the occasion.

I stuck with the traditional colors of NAU to create the letters and other items used on the announcement.  Then I layered the letters.  I liked the look of the dark blue on top so that's what I went with.  The hat and the graduation definition on the front are from a stamp set called Go Graduate.  Unfortunately this set is now retired.  I still use it for cards for friends or create announcements ordered by others.  Yes you can contact me to order announcements.  Please know I need at least one to two months to create them depending on how many you need.  Now for the inside of the announcement.

I had Marissa email me pictures of her in her cap and gown.  She sent 4 or 5 and had me choose which one I thought would look best.  I printed them on my printer since she only needed 20 or so.  I used corner punch for the frame which allowed me to fasten the picture in by sliding the corners under the punched out part of the corner.  This allows the recipient to choose to keep the announcement intact as it is or remove the picture to put in a scrapbook or frame.  The punched out pieces were used on the corner of the announcement part so no piece was wasted.  The wording for the announcement came from researching online and looking at samples.  I then sent as I always do the wording to Marissa for approval.  Yes these took some time to make but once they were complete, I was really proud of them.  Her parents liked them so much they doubled the order and sent them to more family and friends.  I was thrilled they liked them so much.

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