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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Water Water Everywhere!!!!!!

Hi everyone and welcome to Tuesday.  I must say it has already been a very trying week.  I know you thought we were off to a good start since I had a card to post for you yesterday.  Well you got lucky with that one.  I happened to finish that card by Saturday and went ahead to blog it since we were having friends over on Sunday.  I felt really good about this and thought I would have plenty of time on Monday to work on a card for today.  I could not have been more wrong.

Sunday started with a bang - literally.  As I was standing at my kitchen sink, I heard a noise that reminded me of someone dragging something over rocks.  All of a sudden there was a huge pop and water was gushing on my kitchen window.  What I had actually heard was the pressure of water building up.  We finally have been having some cold weather here in Arizona and temperatures have actually been below freezing at night.  We completely forgot to open the spigot outside so it would drip thus keeping the pipes from freezing.  This was the result of our forgetfulness.  So with only 3 hours until our company was due to arrive, I found myself with my husband at Home Depot getting soldering materials to fix the pipe.  We had to cut off the part of the copper line that split and cap off the end. 

Somehow we managed to get it done only to find 3 other small splits on the plastic pipe line that was run.  My daughter's boyfriend use to work as a plumber so he was able to patch these up for now.  We will be runner new pipe completely in that area within the week.  We left the spigot on that night hoping it would not freeze again but apparently we did not leave it on enough.  The water coming out had frozen making a nice icicle hanging from the spigot.  Luckily it broke free and the water ran without causing any more damage.  What a blessing that is.

Needless to say, dealing with all of that really stressed me out.  I helped fix the pipe and then had to prepare a homemade salsa and homemade hamburgers all before people arrived.  We moved out dining room table into my craft room completely blocking all my materials in order to set up the buffet.  I was exhausted by the end of the night.  Monday was spent doing dishes and cleaning up from out gathering as well as doing laundry.  My hubby had a meeting and did not get to help me move the table back until he returned home that evening.  There was no crafting to be done due to this and honestly, it took most of the day just to clean everything up. 

I do apologize for not having something to share with you today.  Hopefully by the time you read this my craft room will be back to normal and I will be crafting myself silly.  As long as there are no more plumbing disasters (please no more), we should be fine and I will be able to get something prepared to share with you.  Thanks for understanding and please come by tomorrow to see me.  Have a terrific day!!!!

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