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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not Going My Way

Well it's Wednesday.  Unfortunately my week is not getting any better.  As I am typing this to you I am waiting for it to warm up enough to see if the water will break free in the pipes or if another one will burst.  I cannot tell you how depressing this is.  My husband is calling the plumber and I am hoping he can come and at least put a cap on these lines so that I do not have to worry about this any more for now.  I have been working on a special item for my husband's fire station.  I cannot show it to you until it is revealed there so hopefully I will be able to share it on Friday.  As for today, well I do not have a share once again.  I just cannot seem to work on crafts right now while worrying about the pipes.  It is truly sad because I have 4 cards I need to work on for other people as well as the project for my husband.  Once the plumber is reached and scheduled, I will feel better and be able to relax so I can craft.  For now I am just scared that we will have no water if the pipe bursts.  It is absolutely horrible sitting here waiting to see what will happen.  I will not depress you anymore with my woes.  I do appreciate your understanding.  I plan on sharing a few pages from a scrapbook I made with you tomorrow.  Please come back for the latest update on the pipes and hopefully to see some pretty pages.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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