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Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Martin Luther King Day

Hi everyone.  I totally forgot today was Martin Luther King Jr Day today.  While I should have something to share with you I am afraid I don't.  We spent Saturday going to a toy show here in town.  My husband is a toy collector of the He-Man series from the 1980's.  He has an entire room (his office) devoted to this collection.  There are figures everywhere as well as vehicles and structures from the series.  When our oldest daughter moved out, I took her bedroom and made it into an office for him to use with plenty of shelf space to display his collection.  After all what good is a collection that sits in boxes never to be scene out in the light. 

I will admit I am always on the look out for items that I collect too.  Wizard of Oz and I Love Lucy are my favorite things to look for.  I must say that neither one of these is any where near as large as Dave's.  I don't think I could ever collect as much as he has.

Sunday we spent with out youngest daughter since she needed some help and guidance looking for a car.  Well actually, my husband and her boyfriend helped her.  I just stayed out of the way which was fine with me.  I did not feel great and needed a day to just relax.  So I did not get the photos taken for today's blog.  I will post the project I worked on for my husband's fire station with you tomorrow.  For those of you who have to work today, thank you for all you do.  And to those who have a day off, take time to do something you love.  I will see you all tomorrow!!!

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