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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pages From the Heart Day 1

Hi everyone and welcome to Thursday.  I am happy to report our plumber was able to come and shut off the water to the pipe that kept freezing so now I do not have to worry about that anymore.  They will return in a few weeks to replace the pipes and figure out what to do to prevent this in the future.  Of course the fact that we should be back in the low 70's by today will also mean no more freezing nights!!!!

Today I wanted to stay with the Valentine theme but in a different way than just showing you cards I make.  I was truly fortunate when I married my husband.  He had an extremely close relationship with his grandmother who lived here and I was able to spend several years getting to know her before she passed away.  With my dad in the military, we moved around and were never that close to my grandparents so I did not have the chance to spend lots of time with them.  Getting to know his grandma was a true blessing.  She had wonderful stories to share and mementos from the past to talk about.  I just found her fascinating. 

One of the items she shared with me was a box of Valentine's that she had collected and saved from her elementary school days.  I just thought they were beautiful.  When she passed away, I was given these and decided to make a scrapbook out of them.  While they are not my own creations, they do serve as inspiration when I need it.  So for today and tomorrow, I thought I would share some of the pages with you so you can see a glimpse into the past. 

Here's the first page.  While I love all of them, I will highlight a couple that are my favorites from here.

This airplane is unique to me but too cute to not share.

Love the little peek a boo girl.  Her fan actually moves so you can reveal her face if you like.

Here is another full page.  Isn't the elephant one with the cart and totem pole of kids cute?

The expressions on the faces of these tow are too funny.  I do not remember ever getting a Valentine with such big eyes.

Here is another big eyed one.  In a way her eyes are almost scary but the entire expression is cute too.

My favorite one on this page is the one that looks like a postcard.  However, I love all of them.  The skating couple is so cute in person.

This is the last page for today.  Again I find these to be so interesting.  The flowers were cut out of a card or something and were also given as Valentine's on their own.  The triangular one up top opens to be a fan.  It is really pretty.  

I hope I am not boring you with these and that you will perhaps be inspired by some of them.  Tomorrow I am going to show you a few more of the pages and of my favorites.  Please come back by and visit for a while.  Thanks for dropping by today.

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