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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not My Week

Okay I have made it to Wednesday.  Unfortunately I do not have a new card to share with you once again.  This time it is not due to laziness.  It is due to busyness and injury.  Yesterday, I spent the day running around for upcoming events.  First I went to an outlet mall with my husband where he stuffed gift bags for an upcoming event called Shopping Extravaganza.  I went with him for support and to of course shop (which I got the cutest jeans and a top!!).  However, the day got off to a rocky start at the mall.  I was standing by my husband who apparently did not realize I was so close.  He is a big hand talker - you know a person who uses their hands when speaking.  Well, he was talking and had his cell phone in his hand.  He made a gesture with his arm and I took a phone right to the forehead.  Needless to say, I now have a small goose egg over my right eyebrow towards my nose.  I also got a nice little headache from it.  It was a complete accident so I have forgiven him of course (that is after shopping!).

When we finally got home mid afternoon, I wanted to lay down and take a nap.  That was not to be though.  My daughter had to shop for a coworkers baby shower and I had to shop for another baby shower for one of our friends.  I had promised her we would go since it was her day off.  So instead of giving in to my head, I got in the card and we headed into the world of baby items.  She did take me to Paradise Bakery for lunch so that was really a sweet treat for me.  We finished all our shopping and returned home by dinner time.  By now my headache was a full blown migraine and I just had no energy left in me.  I guess this is just not my best week.

I do have a couple of punch art figures ready to go on a card and will be putting that together today so I should have something for you all tomorrow.  I am going to take my migraine medicine and go lay down now.  I am truly exhausted.  Thanks for your patience and understanding and please please please come back by tomorrow.  See you all then.

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