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Monday, August 5, 2013

Special Days Special People

Hi everyone.  Well today is a special day in my family.  It is my big brother's birthday.  It is also a sad day for me as my big brother passed away almost 3 years ago.  He lost his battle with cancer after 16 long months.  I was there with him throughout his battle and saw the ups and downs, and I was there when he left this physical world and went to be with God.  I have heard people say that when your loved one has a disease like cancer, you start the grieving prior to his or her passing.  I would say this is true.  However, some of those same people seem to think that you will have an easier time with the loss.  Well let me tell you, that is most certainly not true.  The loss I felt the day he passed is just as vivid and real to me today as it was then.

I remember so many happy things about my brother.  His laugh and smile, his sarcasm, his strength and his overall joking around to make others laugh.  I miss all of those things as much today as I did the day he left this world to go home to God.  I still have many things that remind me of him in my life but the pain of his loss is still fresh.  

This month will also mark my mom's birthday.  I lost her 6 years ago.  It sure doesn't seem that long.  I still have days I want to pick up the phone and call her to tell her about something that happened in my day.  The heartache is remembering that I can't. 

I thought that instead of posting a card today, I would post a photo of something my brother really loved. 

Growing up with a dad in the Air Force, we went and saw the Thunderbird's air show just about every year.  My brother loved them.  It became a tradition for him to take his own family to these shows and now his children even take their families.  The beauty of the precision flying demonstrated by the brave pilots is remarkable.  I am in awe of what they do.

 When I went to select a photo to share with you, I wanted one that would have meaning for myself and my brother.  This one shows the team of pilots as they guide their planes in formation.  They are much like a family, relying on one another to make sure everything goes as planned.  That family togetherness is my first reason for sharing this one. 

The second reason is the sky in the background.  I love clouds.  They have a personality to them and a beauty that only God can give them.  Seeing the vivid blue of the sky and the brilliant white of the clouds reminds me that God is with us always and now my brother walks with him in the heavens.  I guess I like to gaze at the sky and think of him.  I often wonder what he talks to God about and how much more beautiful the heavens are when you are living in them with the Lord.  I can only imagine.

Now I hope this did not depress you.  It was certainly not meant to.  I just needed to have the time to reflect on my big brother's life and to share something that brought a smile to his face.  I miss him tremendously. 

I will be back with a card to share with you soon so be sure to stop by and see me.  Thanks for visiting today and allowing me to share a bit of my life with all of you. 

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