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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Let's Take A Side Trip

Hi everyone and happy Wednesday.  I thought I would take a side trip today away from cards and share with you a tip for scrapbooking.  Now if you are like me, you like to scrapbook your family vacations and include different items you picked up along the journey.  I am a sucker for a good pamphlet.  I always pick those up.  So I felt the need to include them in my scrapbook.  Let me share a few pages of a 2007 trip we took with you to show how I added these pamphlets into the book.

The 2007 trip was a dual purpose trip.  First we traveled to my home state of North Carolina to bury my mom and second we took time coming back to visit some of the other states and see the sights.  One state we went to was Virginia.  Now I love history so this was a cool state to go to for me.  We went to Williamsburg and had a ball.  On our way to visit one of the sights, we spotted these giant heads of presidents off the freeway through some trees.  Well of course we had to go see what it was.  It is a place called Presidents Park.  The giant heads of all the presidents are there.  Each one tells a piece of history as you tour them.  You also get to see a replica of Air Force 1 and the presidential limo.  There were lots of pamphlets to get and I did.  

I used one of them as part of the background of this page by opening it up.  Now I know you may be thinking the other pamphlet covers part of the information but that pamphlet can be removed allowing you access to the info behind it.  

Here you can see the pocket I created to put this pamphlet in.  I wanted to be sure it could be removed and looked at in the future and a pocket was the best way to do this.  Now I would recommend you use sticky strip to attach your pockets to the page.  It seems to hold up really well.  I made this one simple and just included the date we were there on it.

Here is another page of that same journey.  Again I created a pocket to include.  I added some of the photos we took as well as some presidential quotes to the page.

I added the name of the park to this pocket.  I used punches and stickers to decorate it and slid the pamphlet inside.  

Pockets are a wonderful way to hold your keepsakes.  There are lots of variations you can do to make these.  I simply share a couple of the more simple ones with you today.

I will return with another share for you on Friday.  Since today is my first day keeping my wonderful nephew again, I plan on playing all day and will probably not have time to get into the craft room to make anything.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and do come to visit again.  See you later!!

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