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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wacky Day

Happy Wednesday to you all!!!!  Well I must say my day did not go exactly as planned yesterday.  It got off to a good start but then my dog apparently ate something she should not have.  Now we all know when a doggy has an upset tummy they like to eat grass.  Well because of my hubby's allergies, we do not have grass in either the front or back yard.  We did desert landscaping in both so he could breath easier.  Since she could not find any grass to eat, she decided to eat the leaves off all my vegetable plants.  Needless to say I was not happy with her at all!!  It is hard enough to grow veggies in my yard because the soil is so bad.  We have to do container gardening and we are still pretty new to that.  So to have her destroy my plants was just heart breaking. 

Once I cleaned up all the leaves from the patio, I came in and started thinking about what character I wanted to make out of punches for you.  My daughter had asked me to do Yoshi, another Mario character.  I thought I would see if anyone had ever done him before so I googled it.  Up popped some of the cutest punch art featuring him as well as other characters too.  In fact it is so cute I decided to share some of the photos with you today and save mine for tomorrow or Friday.  Here are just some of the wonderful Mario punch art characters that I saw:

I threw the Toadstool guy in at the end because I love him!!  I absolutely have to give this one a try!

The pink Yoshi is nice because it includes all the directions to make it.  Maybe I will give this one a try first.  While pink is my favorite color, I will either do a different pink scheme or a completely different color.  Maybe I will do him in original Yoshi colors!!

That's it for now.  I hope you enjoyed seeing these and will give one a try.  I will return tomorrow with my creation for you to see.  Thanks for stopping by today!!!

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