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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Had An Idea.........

Hi everyone and welcome to Wednesday.  I am happy to say that my sister is now in a walking boot and will hopefully be back to walking easily.  That's the plan at least. 

I have a very special day today as I get to spend the entire day with baby Jackson!!  I cannot wait!!!  My hubby and I went a bought him a couple of toys to have at our home.  One of those is the Fisher Price Stackable Rings.  Do you remember those?  Well I was washing the toys, getting ready for today and thought this would make a cute card.  I thought I had found my idea for today's share.  I sat down and decided to visit some of my favorite blogs and guess what I found?  A card featuring this very toy!!  I was so surprised.  Now I still could have made my own but I wanted to share with you first the one I found. 

It was made by Debbie Rippentrop.  Click here to visit her blog for the details.   I think it is so cute.  Now I do plan on making one of my own but will share it with you on Friday. 

Between the doctor yesterday and Jackson today I have not had a lot of time to craft.  So I promise to try to have a share for tomorrow but may not get one finished.  That's why I said you could see my stackable on Friday.  I know I will have plenty of craft time on Thursday. 

I hope you enjoy Debbie's card.  Thanks for stopping by today and I will see you all tomorrow (hopefully) !!!!!

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