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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Single Rose

Ever have one of those days when you just should have stayed in bed?  That was my day yesterday.  Nothing seemed to go right.  We received news we would rather not have heard.  By 11:00 am I was ready to get back into bed, pull the covers over my head, and not come out again.  Instead, I waded through the tough waters, very unhappily I might add, and survived another day.  I am hopeful today will be a better day.

Well on to the card!!  Yes it is another Stain Glass card.  This time it is a single rose in a vase. 

Again I used the corner punch to secure it to the Elegant Eggplant card stock.  This time to add a little texture to the card, I used a stamp set called Confetti.  This set is one you can use for background.  I chose the falling leaves to add to mine today.  The base card is Daffodil Delight and stamped the leaves in Daffodil Delight ink.  I just liked the way the colors went together.  

Yesterday, I mentioned that there are different types of glitter and which one you use can make a difference.  This card is a good example of that.  When I went to glitter the water in the vase, I grabbed a very pretty blue glitter that reminded me of water.  What I did not do was look to see that it was a type called Transparent Glitter.  What that means is the glitter is actually sheet and is influenced by the background color.  So when I first was trying to decide what color to layer this on, I discovered my error.  The water did not look right if I went with a green or yellow.  Once I realized the glitter was transparent, I began to try colors behind my rose to see what would make the water look right.  Elegant Eggplant worked for me.  I would always recommend you try colors behind your Stain Glass pieces to see what will look the best before adhering it down.  They best glitters to use for this are:

Opaque - these are jewel toned and work with any background
Hologram - these are a glitter color plus all the colors of the spectrum

Neon - these are bright colors and make a bold statement

Pearlescent - these are soft, pastel like colors

I tend to use the Ultrafine Glitter because of the beautiful sparkle it gives off.  I think it looks very natural and finished when dry.  You can experiment with other sizes of glitter like chunky, confetti, or microfine.  Really it is just your preference. 

Tomorrow, I have one more Stain Glass card to share with you.  Then I will move on to some other techniques I promise.  I just really enjoy doing this one.  Believe it or not, it relaxes me.  Guess I am just weird like that.  Oh well.  Thanks for stopping by today.  See you tomorrow.

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