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Monday, May 16, 2011

Graduation Girl

Before I begin today I want to apologize for not getting my post up on Friday.  Somehow, my posting got a little confused.  The Thursday post posted on Wednesday and the Friday one did not post until Saturday night.  Please know I am truly sorry for this.  Hopefully this week will be better.

Sometimes it surprises me just how fast time flies by.  Our niece who is the same age as our oldest daughter, Heather, just graduated from college with a degree in elementary education.  Lord help her.  I graduated with that same degree years ago (we will not go into how many years).  She reminds me of how I was at that time:  eager to get a job, loved being with the kids, and ready to take on the challenge.  I loved every minute I taught.  Sadly, it was not to last for me for family needs took over when my mom became ill.  When she passed, I thought about going back to the classroom, but somehow, I knew that was not God's plan for me.  I just wish his plan had been a happy one.

Anyway, I wanted to make a card for our niece that was uniquely her.  So I went with a tri-fold card.

This is the view of the card from the top down.  I think it looks really cool and gives you lots of room to be creative.  I wrote my message on the back of the card so the inside could be filled with graduation items.

her is a view to give you an idea of what I put inside.  I tried to go with an all grad theme.  I wanted to be sure to include the year she graduated and the university.  I put a little owl in 2 different places because I always associate owls with teachers.  But my favorite part of the card is the graduation girl herself.

Here is another view of her.  She is jumping for joy at the fact she survived the 4 years of college and is ready to take on the world.  I wish I could remember who made a similar girl.  I know I saws something similar a while ago on the internet.  When I sat down to plan her card, this image came into my head.  I remember pulling out my notebook and writing the punches down to use for it so I went to my handy reference tool and pieced her together.  
I am so luck to have so many wonderful females in my family.  While I have only 6 nephews, I have 7 nieces and 2 beautiful daughters.  The men have always been out numbered.    I am proud of each of and every one of them.  They have each had their own battles to find who they are, their own challenges to overcome, and they have built a strength within themselves as they have grown.  I hope they always remember they have an aunt (me) and a mom (to my girls) that will always be there for them whenever they need me.  I love them all.

Soon it will be my youngest, Kaitlyn's, birthday.  I cannot believe she just finished her first year of college.  She is absolutely turning into a wonderful woman right before my eyes.  After that, I am so excited as my Heather will be graduating from her college becoming a full medical assistant.  I am so proud of her.  She has really grown as an individual and become a wonderful young woman.  

Thank you so much for stopping by today to visit.  Please come back again.  See you tomorrow.

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