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Monday, November 19, 2012

New Room, New Start

Hi everyone.  Welcome to Monday.  I made it through last week and now have a room I can work in.   I apologize for not having photos for you on Friday.  I had the room set up and sat down to work on a card when it hit me that I was not happy with the set up.  So of course, I had to move a few things once again.  By the time I figured out what I wanted and was happy with the outcome, it was Saturday night.  So I took a few photos and wanted to share them with you today. 

This is a display of the cards I have made that I sell to anyone interested.  I rotate them in and out as new ones are made and they serve as inspiration for new cards I will be making.  Always remember any card I post is available for sale.  I do use some of them for my own purposes but will make another if someone would like to buy one.  

My card display sits on top of this shelving unit.  I love this.  I have lots of storage cubbies to keep my adhesives and other goodies in and use the 2 open shelves for my containers which hold my rhinestones and sponges and colored pencils.  I can find things easily this way.

While I have my cool display for my cards, it does not hold all of them.  This little table holds my card tree with my cards and it holds boxes with dividers for different categories.   I always encourage my friends and family to browse whenever they are over. 

One addition I hope to make someday is a file cabinet to hold my card stock.  Until that happens, I used these tubs and crates to hold it.  I have a hanging file folder for each color and everything is labeled.  I can easily see when I am getting low on a color and need to order more. 

Here are all my stamps.  I had this unit sitting on the floor but did not like having to bend down to search for stamps (I am getting old okay!).   So I decided to set it up on the table top which makes it easy for me to find what I need.  I mark all the retired sets with a smiley sticker which lets anyone who is over visiting know which stamps they can get and which ones they will just have to use at my house only.  You can see my scoring buddy and paper cutter there too.  

This is the bottom half of another unit like the one my stamps are on.  This half holds my punches.  I keep them closer to me that the stamps because I tend to punch more than anything else.  You get a glimpse of my Cricut cartridges at the top of this one.

This is the top half of the unit.  I have a few punches that reside up there but mostly it is for my Sizzix stuff.  I have a lot of dies both from Stampin' Up! and from local craft stores where I have bought them.  My big shot sits on the table with this unit.

Finally we come to my favorite spot in the room:  the color center.  Now I know my colored pencils are on the other shelving unit but they are easy to get to.  I have all my ink pads and markers and crayons here at my finger tips so I can color whenever I get the urge.  I love to color and yes I do still buy crayons and coloring books for myself!!

Well that's it for today.  During all the moving, I came down with a cold.  I have had the sniffles and a fever for a few days now.  I am resting lots since this week is Thanksgiving.  I will try my best to have a new card to share with you tomorrow.  I hope you will stop by to see what I have.

I hope you enjoyed the mini tour of my room.  I am so glad it is finally finished.  Thanks for stopping by today!!

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