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Thursday, February 21, 2013

We survived a wet Wednesday and have made it to Thursday!! Not only was it wet but it actually snowed in areas and we had a lot of hail!!!

Here is a photo of our back yard!  My dog does not like getting her feet wet from rain.  Try getting her out in this!! 

This photo is looking into the street from our carport.  The hail came down fast and furious.  It was crazy how much we got in under a minute.  Everything was covered!!!   We, of course, were fascinated by this because it is not an every day occurrence in Arizona!!  Having grown up back east, it brought back memories of playing in the snow and having so much fun.  I do miss it sometimes.

I spent part of the day with my nephew Jackson.  He is getting so big now!!  I had a ball with him.  When I went to stay with him, the rain had let up and it was actually showing signs of some blue in the sky.  By the time I came home, it was raining again and we had out first round of hail.  It did not last long but I waited to come home until the hail had stopped.  It was still raining but I did not mind that.  Once home the rain stopped and the sun actually came out.  I thought we might be out of the storm but I was wrong.  I was relaxing from my day of play when I heard what I thought was rain coming down.  I got up to look at it and the ground was quickly turning white in front of my eyes!!  It was crazy!

Being gone for a good part of the day did leave me with little time for crafting, especially with all the crazy weather distractions.  Tuesday night I received a really nice email from a reader of my blog.  She asked about the Bugs Bunny icon I have as my photo on the page.  I thought I had made him and posted him but it turns out I did not.  Here is what he looks like:

Isn't he cute?!  I went through my past blogs and could not find him.  Now I was delusional and did think he was a birthday card but as the photo shows he is an anniversary card I made my hubby a few years ago.  I still could not locate the blog with directions on how to make him.  That is a terrible mistake on my part.  Of course I meant to share this with you I just spaced it.  Well I decided to show the old photo of the card to you today as a teaser.  I am going to make him again and do a post with all the instructions for you.  This will either post tomorrow or early next week.  My goal is for tomorrow and as long as there is no more crazy weather I should have plenty of time to make him.  But as with all days of life, we never know what's in store.

Thanks for stopping by today to visit.  I hope you will return to see if Bugs makes it on the blog tomorrow.  I will see you all then!!!

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