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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Still Sick

Okay so I thought this cold would go away and I would be all better by today.  No such luck.  I feel lucky that this is only a cold and not worse but still it is no fun.  I spent most of the day yesterday in bed or on the couch under a blanket.  It is truly miserable.  I did spend a little time in my craft room but have not finished the queens card yet.  Just so you remember her let me show you her picture again:

She is on a background now (not in the photo) but it is an unfinished background.  Anyway, I am going to nurse my cold for the rest of the week so I will not be blogging again until Monday.  I am fairly sure that by then I will feel better and will have completed her.  I thought I would share another character card I made a while ago with you today.  

It's Tinkerbell.  I made this one several years ago for my sister in law.  I plan to make her again very soon and will share all the details with you at that time.  

For now I am signing off for the week.  I will return Monday with the queen card ready for you to see.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and don't get sick.  See you Monday!!!

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