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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Help! I Can't Find My Tables

Hi everyone and welcome to Wednesday!!  Yesterday I shared picture of 2 boxes that a friend of mine had sent over for me.  She was downsizing her craft area to make room for her mother - in - law to move into their home.  I showed you what was in one of the boxes and said I would open the other one as soon as I could.  Well I did.  Now if you remember correctly, one box was on the floor making it difficult to get to my work table and the other was on the work table itself taking up all the space.  Well let me show you what happened once I opened the other box and took everything out of both.

As you can see I found paper and lots of it in the second box.  Most if not all of it is from Stampin' Up!.  It is just some of the older, retired colors as well as a few that are still current.  You can tell it was ordered years ago by the packaging.  

Here is more paper from the box.  Some of it is designer paper which is really nice.  Now when I unloaded this box of paper (and there were some envelopes in it too , I had to stack it onto another one of my tables in the craft room making it impossible to use my big shot.  So I started to work at emptying the box of stamps.

Look at all the stamp pads!!!!  The 2 stacks at the back are from Stampin' Up!.  This was their design prior to the ones that flip the pad to be stored upside down.  I was amazed at how many pads I pulled out of the box.  I was trying so hare to stack them on just one area hoping to keep the spot where the box was open to work on a project.

As this photo shows, I was not successful.  Look at how many stacks of the retired Stampin' Up! stamp sets there were.  I feel so blessed that she chose to pass all this along to me.  The loose stamps in the front have been separated from their sets so I will try to get them back to where they belong.  There was also a retired corner punch which I did not have so I was thrilled to find it.  A regular stamping wheel handle and two retired wheels were there as well as a couple of smaller ones from other companies.  What you cannot see are the individual stamps that were from other companies which are piled on the other side of the sets.  Needless to say, I was unsuccessful at keeping any part of my table open to work on.  So apparently my project for today was unloading the boxes.  Now I just have to find a place to store all of this and I can get back to work on my cards.  My goal is to have one for tomorrow.  Hope I make it.

Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to give your friends a hug.  You never know when they will bless you with such a nice gift like mine did.  See you all tomorrow.

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