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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Internet Nightmares Return

Welcome to Thursday everyone.  I certainly hope your day is going better than mine.  Once again I am sad to report that our internet is not working properly.  It has taken me 2 hours to be able to get on to type my blog and another 2 to get it to publish.  It is so frustrating.

We have once again called our network provider and complained.  This is going on 5 months of problems for us.  We really thought it was fixed the last time they came but while it worked for a while, it has now returned to not connecting more than it connects.  The little man is suppose to come again today and hopefully we will have it fixed.

I truly apologize for not having a card to share today.  I could not trust the internet to load any photos.  If the little man is able to fix it, I promise to return tomorrow with another card to share.  Cross your fingers that they fix it this time.  I am really tired of paying for a service I cannot use 95% of the time.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.  Hopefully I will see you all tomorrow!

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