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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Different Type if Blog

Hi everyone!!  It's Wednesday!!!!  I cannot believe how fast this week is flying by.  I think my being down with a cold has made me lose track of time this week.  I also know I have a busy weekend ahead of me.  It seems to be rushing towards me.

For today, I decided I wanted to do a blog that is different than what I usually do.  As I was looking at some of my Stain Glass cards last night, I thought to myself it is one thing to write the instructions out for you to try to follow but it is another to see photos of the step by step process.  So I decided to take photos and show you how to do this technique step by step.  Are you ready to get started?  Let's go!!

To begin the stain glass process you will need to have a piece of acetate, StazOn ink and a stamp.  I cut my acetate to be the size of my stamp or a little bigger.  When you are selecting your stamp to use for this, you will want to to choose a stamp with open areas that can be filled.  Finally, I choose to use the StazOn  ink because it does not smear on the acetate and dries extremely quickly.

Once you have the 3 basic materials you are ready to begin.  Ink up your stamp and stamp the image onto the acetate.  Allow it to sit for a minute or two to make sure it's dry.  Grab a used drier sheet and rub the entire image with it.  This is to help the excess glitter to release from the areas where you do not want it.

Now you will want to grab a liquid glue that dries clear.  I have found the I like using one that goes on white because it is easy to see.  Add the glue to the area you want to add your darkest glitter to.  Now for my rose,  I chose only 2 colors - green for the stem and leaves and purple for the rose and bud.  Both of my colors are about the same in terms of darkness so I chose to start with the green.
Fill in all areas you will add your first color to so you will add all of it at once.

Here you can see where I dumped my glitter onto the areas with glue.  I always do this over a scrap piece of paper and then shake the excess off into a coffee filter.  I have found that the coffee filter makes it easy to pour the excess back into the glitter bottle so you will not waste much at all.  

Here is the image after all excess glitter has been removed.  Now you will repeat the process with your next color which in my case is the purple.  I added the glue to the rose and bud, shook on the glitter and shook off the excess into a coffee filter.  This was returned to the glitter bottle.

Here is my image after the purple glitter was added.  This side that you added the glitter to will be the back of the image.  It does take some time to dry so make sure your do your glittering early enough so you can let it dry completely before you add it to your project.  You can check the drying process as your day goes on and here's how:

This is the image from the front side of the rose.  I am holding it up in the photo since I cannot put the wet side down.  You can see that while the back sparkles with the glitter, the front simply shows the white glue.  As it dries, the image will slowly begin to show.  The glue will turn clear and the glitter will show through.

Here is my rose once it had dried completely.  As you can see, you will no longer have any white places on the image.  All you will see it the glitter.  The details from the stamp will show as I am sure you noticed in the completely wet image as well as this one.  

I hope I explained the technique and showed images that will benefit you.  If you are at all confused, feel free to ask for clarification.  I will be happy to help.  

Now that my beautiful rose is completed, I will use it on a card.  Hopefully I will have that to share with you for tomorrow.  I am so glad you came by today and I hope you learned something and will give this a try.  Let me know how your projects turn out.  I will see you all tomorrow!!

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