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Monday, October 3, 2011

Roses Are Red - No They're Pink

This weekend I got to do one of my favorite techniques - stain glass.  Yes I worked with glitter all weekend!!  It was the best!  Now my dog is probably tired of the glitter.  Since she is all black, it shows up well on her coat.  She shines for days.

I truly love the glitter from Stampin' Up!.  However, for my stain glass it is very limiting.  I like to have a broad spectrum to work with so that I have the right color for what I am doing.  This leads me to the glitter aisle at my local craft stores.  I happened to wander down one a few weeks ago and found the neatest set of glitter with 30 different colors.  Yes it was expensive but I also happen to have a 50% off coupon making the item much more affordable.  Believe me when I say I broke those glitter bottles in this weekend.  I started with one of my stamps that had a flower on it, a rose to be exact.

Just look at that sparkle.  I did rely on SU! for all my card stock for this one.  I framed the flower with the top note die for the big shot.  I ran a piece of whisper white through the big shot, cutting out the top note.  I then set the cut out aside for another card and used the frame.  I then placed the frame in the SU! Finial Press impression folder and ran it through the big shot just to add a little texture to the card.  The base card is perfect plum card stock.  When I placed my piece of stain glass next to it, it popped right out so I knew it was the one.  I used light pink rhinestones I found at the local craft store for the corners. 

Pink roses are very special to me.  They always remind me of my mom.  Even though she has been gone for 4 years, not a day goes by that I do not think of her.  As the holidays approach, I tend to miss her a lot.  So when I chose this stamp to work with, I knew the flowers would be pink.  I used an opaque glitter on this one.  However, since the pink is such a delicate one, I needed to help it a little to make sure the background color did not change its appearance.  Had I simply attached it to the plum, the purple would have made the pink look a little funny.  So my solution was to attach it to a piece of pretty in pink card stock thus enhancing the pink color.  The other colors were all dark enough that I knew the pink background would not effect them.  

In case you have forgotten, the stain glass technique begins with a piece of acetate, a stamp, and StazOn ink.  You stamp the image on acetate and let it set for a couple of minutes.  The nice thing about StazOn is it does not smear.  Once it has set for a couple of minutes, you are ready to start the stain glass part.  For that you will need a glue that dries clear and glitter.  You start by applying the glue to the area you want to begin working with and then sprinkle glitter all over the area.  Shake off the excess and then continue to the next area until all areas are complete.  One tip I will give you is glitter tends to always have a bit static to it.  So to help control this I rub a used dryer sheet over the side of the acetate with the image stamped on it.  While it is not perfect, it does help to allow the excess glitter to be shaken off without leaving a huge amount of it behind.  

I wish all of you a marvelous Monday and hope you enjoy each moment of your day.  I think I will play with more glitter myself.  Thanks for stopping by today and I will see you tomorrow.


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