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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paper Doll Party Day 2

Happy Wednesday to you all!!  I am so glad to see that you came back for day 2 of the Paper Doll Party.  Today I will show you 8 dolls today, all different from yesterday.  That will make 17 total and if you have ever seen the Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge, you know that there really are hundreds of more you can make.  I love my Cricut machine!!  So here we go with today's share.

We begin today with these cute little aliens and cat girl.  My husband got the new Batman game for his XBox for his birthday so cat girl seemed like a good one to make.  Her outfit is simple and looks adorable on her.  The aliens make me laugh.  I think the pink one reminds me of Cousin It from the Aadams Family.  As for the green one, well I cannot think of any movie or show where I have seen him before but I am sure he would be a great character to build a story around.  

Here come the next 3.  My ballerina is one of my favorites.  I just love her shoes.  The pirate was done in honor of my oldest daughter who loves all those Pirate movies that Disney has been making.  She has seen them all, has board games designed after them, and has played the XBox games too.  I did cut off the hand of this doll so that he could have the hook for his hand.  Love the mustache.  Then there is the little mermaid.  To fit her tail on, you have to remove her legs so this is one that when I make sets for little girls to actually play with, I usually leave it out.  They get frustrated that her legs show but do not want you to cut them off.   I usually just make them a special mermaid doll instead.  The ripples in her hair remind me of waves on the ocean.  I bet you have a guess as to the last two I am about to shoe you just from looking at this picture.

It's a witch and a wizard!!  Did you guess them right?  I used gray for both of them for the hair but you could use whatever color you wanted.  Of course with any of the dolls I have shown you, you could used all kinds of color schemes to create them.  The wizard's robe and hat are cut out with the little circle in them.  So I cut a solid outfit in yellow (an option on the machine lets me do this) and layered the blue on top.  I then put glitter glue on the circles so that they would stand out.  He beard is out of this world.  The witch is complete with her pointy shoes and hat.  I added the band of green to the hat to give a little dazzle.

Well, that all for my Paper Doll Party.  Maybe I will have another one sometime.  After all, it is so much fun to make them.  Thanks for stopping by today and I will see you all tomorrow.

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