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Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm Sorry

I am truly sorry I have been missing in action so much.  I had every intention of getting into my craft room on Tuesday and playing with all my stuff but it just did not happen.  By the time my hubby and I finished the memorial service to honor the 19 firefighters who were killed in the Yarnell wildfire, I was an emotional wreck.  I just could not even function.  I think I walked around in a daze and cried for the rest of the day.  Thank goodness my youngest daughter and her boyfriend came over to swim and play video games.  That was the only reason I did not go to sleep crying.

We are also preparing to go visit my in-laws in California next week.  It has been a while since we have seen them and I am looking forward to spending a few days just visiting and going to the beach.  I think my husband needs the break and so do I.  The time together will be wonderful.  I spent a good part of Wednesday and Thursday running errands for the trip.  When I was home, I was working on wedding cards for my daughter's friend.  So it's not that I haven't been crafting, I just haven't been getting things done to share with you each day.  I should have 3 days coming up before the trip to work on cards for next week though so please don't give up on stopping by to see me.  For now, let me share a few cards I saw that were too cute to keep to myself:

stampin up, dostamping, dawn olchefske, spinning star tutorial, Patriotic

A little patriotic inspiration.  I love the ease of this card.

Stampin' Up! Regarding Dahlias

This is a new dahlia stamp set from Stampin' Up!.  It is one I definitely hope to get.

This is such a simple card to make but I love the finished look!!!  Can't wait to make one of my own.

Thanks for your patience and understanding this week.  Like I said, I do plan on working on some cards to share with all of you next week while I am away.  Have a safe and wonderful weekend and I will return on Monday!!!!!!!  Thanks for stopping by.

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