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Monday, July 15, 2013

Get Well Card Revisited

I am truly losing my mind I guess.  I shared the card I am going to talk about today back in 2012 but apparently did not explain all the instructions for it.  I described the background and the base card but did not put the instructions for the punch art character on it.  Then at the beginning of July, I posted the card again to represent the illness that was running through my family.  Thanks to one of my followers, it was brought to my attention that I failed to provide instructions on how to make him.  So today, I am going to provide them.  Now I am not going to go through the base card and the background or greeting.  I am just doing the punch art instructions.  Let me show you the card first, then we will focus on the punch art.

Here is the sad little sick puppy once again.  He is resting on his bed, holding onto his tissue.  This one just tugs at my heart.  It is so sweet!!  Anyway, let's just focus on the doggy.

Here is a closer look at him.  Below you will find the instructions for him.

1 3/8" Circle for head
Wide Oval for body
3/4" Circle for the paws (trim away 1/4 of the bottom and round out edges)
Modern Label for legs and feet (cut one label in half and round one edge of each piece for the haunches, punch out 2 labels and cut 1/3 off of each label and round out edges for each foot)
small heart from the retired Heart to Heart for the pads of his feet
3/4" Circle for the tail (cut off 1/3 of the circle at a slight curve)
1" Circle for muzzle; attach this with a dimensional
1/2" Circle cut in half for the eyelids, 1 punched out of black and trimmed into an oval for the nose
Circle from the punch pack for the eyeballs, I also punched this in black for eyes, I just trimmed them down to the size and shape I wanted
Ears were made by punching half of the 3/4" circle (do this along the edge), then line up the 1" circle over the top of punched hole to create ear
Punch pack circle for the thermometer (cut a thin white strip for the rest of the thermometer)
1 1/4" square punch in white for the tissue (mist with water and crumple up)

Well there you have all the punches needed to make your own little doggy.  Most pieces were adhered together using a 2 way glue pen.  The muzzle was the only exception.  The completed dog was adhered to the card using dimensionals.  I hope this helps those of you who want to give him a try.  Thanks to Kim Score for teaching me how to make him originally.

Stop by tomorrow to see what I have for you next.  Thanks for stopping by today!!!

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