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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hi everyone.  Sorry I missed posting a blog on Monday.  I had a fairly busy weekend and the time just seemed to fly by.  I was lucky enough to spend Friday with my 2 girls.  We got to go to lunch and spend some time just catching up.  I am afraid there just was no crafting time that day.

Saturday brought a whole new challenge to me.  My youngest daughter who just turned 21 was planning to spend the day with her grandmother and the evening with friends.  She really did not want to leave her 9 month old puppy kenneled all day and night so she asked me to doggy sit for her.  Now my dog is 5 years old and quite enjoys being an only dog so spending 10 hours with the puppy was not exactly her idea of fun.  The puppy happens to also be bigger than my dog and is a herding dog.  She tried all day to herd my dog and was so energetic there was no time for rest.  According to my daughter, her puppy sleeps all day.  Well not here.   I think she slept for maybe 45 minutes.  By the time she went home, I was exhausted and so was my dog.  Bed was calling and we answered quickly.

Sunday being Father's Day meant I spent it with my hubby.  We had a very relaxing day and sat in our little inflatable pool a lot.  It was nice to just not have anywhere to run.  He really needed the break and after Saturday, so did I. 

Needless to say, I am very behind on my crafts.  While playing with the puppy Saturday, I accidentally got my arm in her way and she stepped on it.  My fault, not hers.  Anyway it is my right forearm and it is quite sore.  Punching and stamping are a bit uncomfortable so I am really slow.  I do plan to try to craft for you this week but for yesterday and today, I am afraid there was nothing to share.  I do want to show you a few cards I have come across recently.  I will do my best to have something for you tomorrow. 

I like the simplicity of this one.  I intend to give this a try soon.

Toy Story is one of our favorite Disney movies.  I just love the little green guys!!!


Here is another pop up card.  I do like the color scheme used on this one.

Well that's it for today.  Hopefully I will get a card finished for you today and be able to post it tomorrow.  I hope you stop by to see if I do.  Thanks for dropping by today.

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