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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Errand Day

Hi everyone.  It is a sunny Wednesday here in Arizona.  Last week we had rain and cold, this week we are approaching the 90's very quickly.  As I thought about this, I remembered a card I made a year or so ago and wanted to show it to you again now.

I am sure that once we are in the 90's I will be ready to head for the beach for a nice swim.  If only we had a beach in Arizona, it would be a lot easier to do this!!

I spent all day yesterday running to the hardware store and grocery store.  It was errand day!!  I also had to get my hubby ready to teach last night.  Now usually his teaching has no cause for worry for me.  However, last night they were training recruits in the fire program how to deal with real fire.  That means that they go into this box and a real fire is lit that will flash-over to train them.  Knowing he is going into a real fire always worries me but I know he is a stickler for safety so I try not to worry too much.  Anyway, I started working on a punch art character last night but did not get him quite finished so I guess you will have to stop by tomorrow to see what it is.

Thanks for stopping by today and please come back soon!!

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