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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Preview of Next Post

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday.  I can't believe it is the end of April already.  We are heating up here in Arizona.  I am not looking forward to all the heat. 

Well my sister went back to work this week - cast, knee scooter and all.  Since it is her right foot in the cast she cannot drive herself to and from work.  Therefore, I get to be her driver.  We went early yesterday so that she could take her time getting inside the building and getting set up for the day.  While she is doing really well with her scooter, she gets really tired after a few hours and needs to rest.  Her goal is to only be at the office half days right now and not every day.  Next week she will get the cast off and have a walking boot.  I am hoping life will be a little easier for her once that is on but until then, we will get her through!!

Anyone who knows me knows I love Disney.  Each of my girls as well as myself have our favorite princesses and other characters from the Disney family.  Well the other day, I was on Pinterest looking at cards and came across the cutest Disney princess dresses.  I just knew I wanted to make them.  They were made by Michelle Suit.  Let me show you these awesome dresses made by her.  I will include a link to her post about each one.  However, you will not find instructions there.  She does offer the tutorials on how to make these for sale on her site if you would like the actual instructions. 

This is her Cinderella dress.  Click here to see it on Michelle's site.

This of course belongs to Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Click here for Michelle's site.

Here is Snow White's dress.  Again if you click here, you will go to Michelle's site.

Are they not the cutest dresses?!!!!  I love them.  Of course that means I want to give at least one of them a try.  I have not decided which one yet but I plan on doing it for tomorrow.  I did not purchase the instructions so I will be going off on my own to figure these out and make them.  We will see how I do.  Who knows I might have to break down and purchase the actual tutorials!!

I wanted to give Michelle credit and show her work before doing mine.  That is the only reason I do not have my own card to share with you today.  Thanks for dropping by today and please come by tomorrow to see which princess I decide to try first!!!  Have a wonderful day!!!!!

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